SAGE Ep 128 SEEEEC 52 Feb 17, 2022, Democracy’s Mindless Corruption


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On an impressively grand scale, human en masse arise in protest against all that has grown disproportionally more powerful with each leveraged advantage that disadvantages the experience of freedom. By degree the freedoms we know least about are conceptualized by mind’s conscious awareness of the tetrahedron as the lowest common rational denominator of Universe. It can be extrapolated in life, this lifetime’s experiential-experimental phases.
The conceptualization experience permits new awareness that our humanity had not entered into before. It is cosmic and uniquely individual as the topological reminders of the tetrahedron contribute to our increasing knowledge. It occurs as a familiarization at every conceivable turn in the human experience as ongoing problematic events continue occurring in the world.
What are the values of unobserved intervals correlatively to awareness of the lowest common rational denominator as we extrapolate the tetrahedron into a lifetime of values? The observed intervals of this lifetime’s values occur between points of view, the oscillations and vacillation between certainty and doubt, trusting and distrust. More obviously from accumulating data, the disseminated content that concerns the governing system, alluded to as “democracy,” has unwittingly and intentionally permitted rampant corruption to increase the tolerance magnitudes of the residual inaccuracies.
The non-transparent self-serving residual inaccuracies are valued by those whose highest priority values money and power. The culminating concept predicaments may not have initiated to derail the governing system. But in a shared commonality of best intention’s the initial purpose becomes warped in the company of criminality. It rationalizes its least common denominator, which is money, as a survival measure, where like-minded deceivers convince each other that it is permissible to adapt to such deception because it is expected and accepted in positions of power.
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