SAGE Ep 129 SEEEEC 53 Feb 20, 2022 Part One Finite and De-finite Cosmic Awareness


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What if our humanity’s anticipatory design science realities are initiated as our individual economic initiative recognizes finite Universe’s de-finite local systems while referentially conceptualizing the omnisymmetrical tetrahedron?
Would that subconscious-to-conscious conceptualization experience qualify as a new era, a new beginning, a freshly starting cosmic awareness?
With this geometric model in mind, the individual consciousness evolution’s macrocosm and microcosm perspective is differently conceived from when the eternal patterning integrity was unknown. It constitutes the two parts into which Universe can be divided, macrocosm and microcosm. Macro does not equal micro. Micro does not equal macro. Micro-to-macro problem solving is inherently frustrated.
In respect to Universe, concave and the convex twoness is but one kind of twoness and which are different phenomena. The concave is all that is inside the system. The convex is all that is outside the system. So, this new era of cosmic awareness can be anticipated to manifest the most economical way of behaving relative to unity and self in Universe.
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