SAGE Ep 133 SEEEEC 57 Feb 25, 2022, Cosmically Inviolate Environmental Domain


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Wholly WOW! To think Universe Eternal Omniscient Mind (UEOM) provides our human evolution intelligence a recognizable cosmic field for metaphysical intellect’s generalized conceptioning as a cogently clarifying frequency tunability is more than amazing! This is especially so as the PRJWBCSchemes continue to perpetuate insidiously harmful, least economic, most costly scenario episodes that divide to conquer whatever can separate a mind and heart from its inherent benignity. Access to the knowledge is close at hand.
But in our educated ignorance humans of a mind, an evolution species, the very thought of conceptualizing transceivered frequency information may as well be from an alien planet. So far afield has our innate faculty been taken, the further into self-deluding redundant claims we go. And yet, as metaphysical intellect’s anticipatory design science curiosity includes the closest-packing-spheres assemblies within its reality basis and writing practices, the conceptualization experience provides increasingly more self assurance that benignity and accurately disseminated content is possible as discrete control measures.
Integration, Bucky Fuller wrote, discretely controls the coordination of all complex interactions. So, we can confidently inquire, asking. What, if not the continuity of conscious life, which becomes personality as a product of complex periodic interactions known as cycles or periodic recurrences of a higher frequency order is also contributory to obsoleting the subconscious ignorantly fearful cautionaries of the PRJWBCS: Politics Religion Justice War Belief Complex Schemes?
Reference for this episode today is included. Links are provided in my transcript on my website Read the entire transcript for your research in this education experiment, Synergetics Eligion Experiential Experimental Education Complex, SEEEEC.

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