Sales Chat #2: Why's a sales process so important? — with cohost Brendan McAdams


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Welcome to Sales for Founders, the podcast for founders who want to go from hating sales to making sales.

Louis is back behind the mic for another season of Sales for Founders...

... and this time he's joined by a cohost — sales expert and previous guest Brendan McAdams!

We're mixing up the normal format this series with a mix of real-life founder interviews and "expert chats" — where Brendan and Louis do a casual deep dive exploring a specific sales topic founders struggle with (and how to do it better).

This week we're talking sales process...

  • ... what is a sales process?
  • ... what does a good sales process look like?
  • ... and why is it so important to have one?

We get to the bottom of it in today's episode.

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