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Joe Girard - Sales Hero podcast. You'll learn some cool stuff about psychology, behavior, and neuroscience, how to create repeatable best practices and systems, and building YOUR bulletproof mindset. Whether you’re just starting out… or have decades of experience, it’s conversations like this that can help you get an edge TODAY and in the long term. You can also find me on my blog at and And to work with me, go to http://changegrowachieve.comIt's all about keeping it simple, having fun and getting back to helping more people buy from you.You know, selling IS heroic… because nothing happens in a business unless people buy from you. This is why I want to help you just help simplify, have fun, and grow. Let’s not only talk about all these ideas, but take action, and do our best work together. When you invest in yourself and continuously learn how to sell the right way, you ARE a hero. For your customers AND for yourself.

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