Episode 146: #146: Eric Buckley of Skipio — Using Text to Transform Your Response Rates


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Eric Buckley is President of Skipio. This week he joins us to discuss how to get texting right as part of the sales process. If you aren't using text as part of your sales process...you need to. The reason is simple. Over 80% of emails never get read. And 98% of texts do get read. But it isn't as simple as just using a texting tool. You've got to use text the right way and in the right part of the sales process...and Eric gives everyone a blueprint of texting done right in this insightful conversation.

Reach out to Eric and not only will you get a free 30 day trial of Skipio...the top texting platform available to salespeople today...but you'll get a free 1 hour consult on how to use texting in your sales org.

Texting is the last platform that has not been overused and using it correctly will help you create differentiated interactions that lead to more meetings, more connection, and more sales. Don't miss this episode or Eric's special offer to all listeners worldwide.

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