Canadian road dogs Will Hoey and Jake MacNeil have no exit plans


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This episode of SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball with Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter, was recorded on the road, at the FIVB Bulgaria one-star, where Mewhirter chatted with good buds and Canadian players Will Hoey and Jake MacNeil.

Hoey and MacNeil finished fifth in the Bulgaria one-star, knocking out Mewhirter and Roberts in the final round of the qualifier. On this episode, we chat about:

- How two Canadian men get into beach volleyball, and the role that hockey plays in that

- Hoey's journey into beach, and how going winless at the U19 World Championships opened his eyes to the life of the beach volleyball player

- MacNeil's decision to give up a professional hockey career to pursue beach volleyball

- Their climb up the Canadian Federation's ladder, where they are the fourth-ranked team in Canada

- Their life on the road, where they have no plans to return home

And much, much more.



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