DJ Klasnic is bringing the passion for beach volleyball back to Serbia


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This episode of SANDCAST: Beach volleyball with Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter, features DJ Klasnic, one of the top players in the Serbian beach volleyball federation who recently won the second event on the Bulgarian National Tour.

Klasnic lived in Florida for six months this year, competing with some of the best blockers in the country, including Ricardo Santos, Piotr Marciniak, Andy Benesh, and Logan Webber. Now he's back to Serbia, competing in the final round of the Continental Cup as well as on the FIVB Tour.

On this episode, we discuss:

- How Klasnic got into beach volleyball while growing up in Serbia, a country that doesn't view beach volleyball as a real sport

- Becoming the first Serbian team to win an international medal

- His time spent in Florida, and the critical role Ricardo Santos played in motivating him in his career

- How Phil Dalhausser encouraged Klasnic to continue pursuing beach volleyball

- His love for Florida beach volleyball, and how he's attempting to bring that kind of passion and love for the game back to Serbia


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