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I'm an expert in leopard (DUH), knowing you're pregnant before you know, and apparently also the 2020 Oscars, even though I didn't technically watch them (oops). In Episode 19, I recap the very boring Oscars I didn't watch along with the Oscar movies I didn't see, because I am a freaking expert at all things, and plus, Google exists. Then a public service announcement to all you pregnant mamas out there who haven't posted your Instagram announcement yet...we already know you're pregnant and I'll tell you how we know. Finally, talking about myself in third person here, Schmidt says goodbye to Connecticut and hello LA in full leopard garb, thanks to the best leopard/cosmo party planner Sista Nicole and #auntcin. Cue Miley Cyrus, "Party in the USA."
Okay, you ready? Let's go.
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