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Today's episode is all about Schmidt rants and hoping I don't ever get cancelled, but you know, I was always Corporate Schmidt, so I've been pretty locked down for years and not dumb, 15, and tweeting. I dive into my old tweets to see if there is anything I should be worried about---we shall see. Also, I've said it before and I will say it again, the only reason to have a baby is to have an Anne Geddes style photo shoot, so why aren't people doing this?!? I want to see your baby dressed up as a cabbage--DUH. Finally a Schmidt rant like no other--are people really washing their reusable Ziploc bags or throwing them out? Why are people choosing white bridesmaid dresses and who the hell is running Dolly Parton's social media and causing a stir with the #dollypartonchallenge? I'm thinking of starting a #9to5challenge, which would compare our Outlook head-shots, work from home, and finally what we look like at 9 am vs 5 pm (it ain't pretty folks).
Okay, you ready? Let's go.
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