Episode 407: 2021NFL Draft Report (17.0)


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Paul delivers another 2021 NFL Draft Report. He starts the show discussing Devonta Smith after he was just announced as the winner of the Heisman Trophy Award. He discusses Smith's special year, how he wins, decision to come back to college this season and why he does not believe Smith's BMI or weight will impact him at the next level.

In the next segment of the show Paul shares his thoughts on the semifinal playoff games. He discusses Justin Fields in depth and the big win by Ohio State over Trevor Lawrence and Clemson. He discusses why Justin Fields is closer to Trevor Lawrence in terms of talent than the third or fourth quarterback prospect is to Justin Fields. He discusses how the Jets would be foolish to pass on Fields with the second overall pick. He also explains why he believes Justin Fields may have great success versus Alabama in the National Title game based on the type of quarterbacks that have historically given Nick Saban led defenses trouble.

In the next segment of the podcast Paul discusses some of the other prospects from the playoff games and shares his thoughts on some of the other bowl games from the last week. He discusses Trey Sermon in depth and why he has now pushed himself into consideration to be a top five running back in this class.

In the final part of the show, Paul discusses the NFL rookies in the NFL Rookie Report for Week 17 of the NFL season.

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