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Wife? Nope. Mother? Nope. Great cook? Well ... working on it.

We both grew up in homes that felt more egalitarian — there wasn't an emphasis on gender roles or an elevation of a "traditional" family model. However, somewhere along the way, we began to encounter ideas from church and Christian culture about what a "godly" woman looked like. This maven of domesticity kept a clean home, a well-fed brood and a satisfied spouse. She was queen of her home but submissive to her husband. And she was smoking hot. In this episode, we unpack some of our own lingering baggage around this female Christian ideal and talk to author and historian Beth Allison Barr about why "biblical womanhood" isn't really all that biblical. Plus, a special appearance from a fan-favorite guest.

Feminism and Christianity are often pitted against each other. But the Bible isn't the reason why.


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