When Church Hurts Like Hell


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What is it about church wounds that hit so hard?

Toxic church cultures. Spiritual abuse. #ChurchToo. Religious trauma. The last few decades have given us a new language and a new awareness for an ancient sin — wielding the power of religion for unholy ends. Over a lifetime spent in the church, Katelyn and Roxy have experienced and witnessed their share of unhealthy spiritual cultures. And as religion journalists, they've heard countless stories of spiritual abuse, toxic leadership, racism in the pews and more.

On this episode, the two explore why church wounds and spiritual abuse inflict such lasting damage in people's lives. They are joined by Kyle J. Howard, a trauma-informed soul care provider, who offers insight into the nature of religious trauma and how to heal, without losing your faith.


  • Kyle J. Howard is a Christian theologian and soul care provider specializing in racial and religious trauma. Through donor support, he provides free soul care to Christians of color who lack the resources to pay. He also hosts the "Coram Deo" podcast. Find out more and support his work.

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