001 - Authorized Reseller Agreements 101 with Michael Murphy of K&L Gates


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Do we need a pricing policy or an authorized reseller agreement first? How do we win control of our brand with all kinds of sellers already out in the wild? What are the basic building blocks for success to get started or redefine our success with our authorized resellers?
Join me (Anthony Capozzoli of UPPmarket) and Michael Murphy, a partner at K&L Gates as we discuss how your brand wins with and through an authorized reseller agreement.
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More on Murph:
Michael Murphy focuses his practice on consulting and representing clients on issues related to antitrust and competition, product pricing and distribution, advertising and marketing, intellectual property, and e-commerce. Additionally, Michael represents clients in complex business litigation.

Michael advises product manufacturers on the design and implementation of distribution and resale price maintenance strategies focusing on removing unauthorized Internet resellers and limiting online price erosion. Michael has developed customized distribution strategies and legal foundations for product manufacturers in numerous regions of the world and across many product verticals. Further, Michael and his team assist clients in developing and enforcing gray market and counterfeit suppression strategies. He counsels clients on distribution and pricing strategies in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Michael consults and litigates on behalf of clients regarding a range of antitrust/competition issues, including monopolization issues under the Sherman Act and pricing issues under the Robinson-Patman Act.

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