Is Noom really NOT a diet?


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What happens when an investigative journalist turned anti-diet dietitian gets curious about the new fad "wellness program" Noom? Join Carrie Dennett, as she gives us a behind-the-scenes view of Noom, a trendy wellness program, and why it's still a diet no matter how much they toss around the word psychology in their marketing.

We're not here to point shameful fingers. But we are here to offer an insider's look at the program and offer insight that you won't find anywhere else.

Carrie shares...

Why do Noom and other wellness app companies claim to incorporate intuitive eating into their programs? Is it legit?

What's the number 1 question companies like Noom should be asking participants but aren't?

How does Noom's "we're not a diet, we use psychology" messaging helpful or not?

How do Noom's practices directly inhibit you from practicing attuned eating and autonomy with food?

Finally, Carrie shares her passionate thoughts about Noom's misleading TV ads and claims that their program is backed by scientific research.

If you've been considering starting Noom or a program like it (January is just around the corner!), consider this your invitation to give it some more thought.

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