Social Media for Live Events in a Pandemic with Lauren Caselli


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For many business owners, 2020 was a year booked full of live events to both attend and host, but the pandemic forced a pivot that meant most of these events had to go virtual. But there are some unexpected benefits to the sudden change.

Lauren Caselli, formerly an event consultant for tech and SaaS companies, knows all about how to leverage social media to market an event and she shares how she’s helped her clients get the most from their virtual events and build an engaged and enthusiastic audience.

In this episode of the podcast, we talk about:

  • How the pandemic changed different industries
  • The difference between structuring virtual and live events
  • The unexpected benefit to hosting virtual events
  • Preparing your virtual event for success
  • How to use social media to build excitement about your virtual event

…and more!

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About the Guest

Lauren Caselli is a former event consultant who worked with tech and SaaS to help create strategic live events for their digital and founder communities. A former event host for the 8-time sold out Boss Lady Bash with 15 years of industry experience, before 2020 crashed the Live Event industry, Lauren helped clients create better events that build customer loyalty and recurring revenue, either through their products or through the event itself.


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