EP 33 - Conversations During Covid • Best of SBG Podcast June 2020


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Tune into the best parts of latest SBG podcasts with Burton Richardson, Andy Stumpf, Paul Sharp, Chris Conolley, Adam Singer, Jason Paterniti and Matt Thornton talking about everything from martial arts and leadership to how BJJ principles apply in fighting with rhino poachers.

00:00 Being Honest About Your Martial Art | Ft. Burton Richardson

08:10 Essential Qualities For Leadership | Ft. Andy Stumpf

18:08 The Emotional Aspect of Self Defense | Ft. Paul Sharp

29:25 Difference Between Fighter and Martial Artist Ft. Chris Conolley

34:09 Dilemma of Balancing Traditional and Practical Martial Arts | Ft. Adam Singer

40:27 BJJ Principles In Fighting Rhino Poachers | Ft. Jason Paterniti

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