Lisa Winneke, The Wholehearted Woman Mentor, Podcaster, Author and Speaker


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Lisa Winneke, The Wholehearted Woman Mentor, Podcaster, Author and Speaker

Lisa is the embodiment of The Wholehearted Woman - a demonstration to women (and men!) all over the globe of what is possible when we are connected to our authentic selves and where we embrace ourselves and our humanity with love, understanding and compassion, cultivating the muscles to be vulnerable and courageous. So that we can live the life we have been uniquely gifted.

As a Mentor, Author, Connector, Podcaster & Speaker with qualifications in business and numerous energy modalities, she is passionate and committed to inspiring and supporting women and men to cross the bridge - from settling or what she calls 'half-hearted' living to embodying the wholehearted woman/man. Where women/men feel energised, inspired, connected, fulfilled and in joy - within their relationships, their life and purpose.

This deep desire to support women and men is fuelled by her own life experiences, having spent 15 years reconnecting to who she is at her core and loving herself back to wholeness, after suffering from decades of depression, an eating disorder and more recently, the end of her 20-year marriage.

Lisa has cultivated a deeply engaged audience and community as an authentic, vulnerable and courageous example of what wholehearted living is, in action.


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