S02E017 - Weekend at Bernie’s or A Colonizer's Dream With Suni Reyes!


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The Summer of Scam Movies is alive and thriving, and the best actor in this week’s film is dead.

And that is where this episode starts.

Comedian and artist Suni Reyes joins Caitiln to dive into the beloved 1989 classic, Weekend at Bernie’s. Were the 80’s so coke-addled that to die is to thrive? Even though it was a box office success, Suni and Caitlin are absolutely baffled by this scam story that has become a cult classic.

This movie asks the important questions like: Can you have an affair in front of an open window? Do butts jiggle? And would your face remain peaceful if you were dragged behind a boat? Join us for a classic scam that’s too stupid not to have been tried at least once since this movie came out.

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DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon

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