S02E03 - Part 2: Keeping Up With The Digital Joneses, Crypto and NFT With Sabra and Stephen Boyd


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This week is the 2nd half of our Crypto, shmipto, bipto episode. This episode is about NFTs and how to make them, sell them, and become obsessed. Are NFTs the new answer to financial stability as an artist? Do you trust yourself with a digital wallet? And can your automatic password be actually a foreboding sign to: STOP AND WALK AWAY! Sabra and Stephen Boyd share their own digital creation, video game worlds, and how they are navigating the arbitrary value of an NFT.

And if you’re already an expert at this, call us on the Hot Tip Hotline (347-509-9414) and share your wisdom, feelings, or encouraging words while we struggle to decode this new world. Let’s all collectively agree this is confusing.







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DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon

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