42: How This Counselor Quantifies Student Progress to Advocate for Her Role (and You Can Too!) with Rebekah Murphy


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I am SO excited to introduce you to the newest member of Bright Futures, Rebekah Murphy. I’m sure you’ll see Rebekah on social media and now that she’s a member of the team please say hello! Rebekah has been a school counselor in Kentucky for five years at the elementary level. She has a range of skills and it is easy to see that she is passionate about her career!

Rebekah has taken the Stress Free Counseling course and couldn’t be happier about the value of this program. She has learned so much and has personally put the strategies into practice. She has incorporated the many tips and tricks I have talked to you about on this podcast. I’m so excited for you to hear about how she incorporated these tools into her program!

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