Blast from the Past (1999)


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It's been too long without our favourite comedy/adventure 90's hero, and this time he's joined by Alicia Silverstone. Meanwhile, Sissy Spacek is hamming it up in the basement with Christopher Walken, reading Dale Carnegie and Reader's Digest and developing an alcohol dependency. But Abi and Freda find a way to take this all very seriously. Cuban Missile Crisis? Terrifying! Fallout Shelters? Freaky and True! Tsar Bomba???? Get out of here!


It's party time in my radiation station.


Here is some excellent material for you:

Nukemap by Alex Wellerstein

Vox videos on nuclear fallout shelters:

  • (Bert the Turtle)

Cuban Missile Crisis:

  • (Vasili Arkhipov and perspective of submariners in B59)

Survey on Nuclear Fallout Shelters

Songs about Fallout Shelters


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