S4-E11 Building resilience through routine, relationships, and regulation in the classroom: Ricky Robertson


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In this episode, we join Susan Lambert as she talks to Ricky Robertson about building systems of support for students impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the educators who work with them. Ricky is an educator, author, and consultant who has worked with alternative and traditional schools. The episode focuses first on how teachers can prioritize their own self-care and why it is essential in order to care for students. Ricky then goes into explaining what ACEs are and the ways that fight, flight, freeze, and fawn responses can manifest in the classroom. Lastly, they go into explaining resilience and how routine and relationships help build a foundation for resilience—ending on a note of encouragement to educators that their investment is never wasted.
"Books have been some of my most meaningful companions … there’s a form of attachment that can occur between a reader and a story or a book that can actually be a safe space of refuge." — Ricky Robertson
Show Notes:
Teach for Trust - Ricky Robertson

Building Resilience in Students Impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences by Ricky Robertson, Victoria E. Romero, and Amber Warner

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