SFP-NOW talks to James Hereth & Kev Hopgood about Superheroes, Pirates & their new book 'Blowback'


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Welcome to another exciting episode of SFP-NOW here on SciFiPulseRadio.

For this episode and our first interview of 2021. We welcome James Hereth and Kev Hopgood to the show and party down as we discuss our favorite comic book heroes. The WandaVision Finale and many other things as we build toward chatting about their new book 'Blowback'.

For those who have been living on another planet. 'Blowback' is a new science fiction and fantasy story about a team of US Marines that find themselves transported to the past. Where they find themselves thrown into events that build-up to the American War of Independence.

Over the course of this chat. Benjamin Cassidy and Ian Cullen find out about the origins of 'Blowback' and learn about how much research and effort went into producing the book.

So why not get your ears on and tune in. As we explore the bold new world of 'Blowback' with insights from two of the creators behind it.

  • You can order your own copy of 'Blowback' here on Amazon.

  • Or get a digital copy through Comixology here.

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