E36: Leinster League, Women's & Youths Games, Kilkenny College, Munster management, Leinster front row experiments and more


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This is The Knock On, KCLR and Scoreline.ie's weekly rugby podcast.

In this episode, Stephen Byrne is joined by Johnny Tobin from Tullow Rugby Club, Tom Crotty from Carlow Rugby Club and James Blanchfield from Kilkenny Rugby Club.

The lads discuss lots including….

  • A look back at Kilkenny and Tullow’s games last weekend
  • Preview of Carlow v Mullingar this weekend in the Leinster League
  • Review and preview of women’s and youth games
  • Kilkenny College beaten narrowly in the Leinster Schools Junior Cup
  • Tom Daly in Connacht, will he make the Irish camp again?
  • Munster Management pivot?
  • Leinster front row experiments
  • Players leaving to go abroad, who could the provinces lose?
  • Women’s rugby and why there should be more investment into it from kids up to adult level.

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