#441: Lessons Learnt #1 - Why You Should Start Creating Content Now!


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Welcome to Sunday's Solo Episode #441. During this episode, I talk about the upcoming celebration of the five years anniversary of Screw It Just Do It. I reflected back and discussed some important lessons that I learned over the years and hoping to impart some of those lessons to you and hoping to point you in the right direction for your goals whatever may that be. In this first lesson, I talk about why you should start creating content now! Here are some highlights:
  • The only thing I regret from launching Screw It Just Do It is not launching it sooner. I should have started 10-20 years ago!
  • Start now and get perfect later.
  • Podcast is a great vehicle for business owners as it amplifies your voice, your message, your mission.
  • Once you start, be consistent. Play the long game and you will reap the benefits.
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