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The wait is over! Laura (writer and game designer on such projects as the escape room Spark of Resistance, Dysforgiveness, and Cuppa Quest) and Ian (writer, narrative designer, and programmer, and has worked on Soma, the Lego games, and the Little Big Planet series) join us this week to talk about moment-driven story design, designing escape rooms and narrative live action experiences, relying on people's subconscious' to do the heavy lifting, Punchdrunk's immersive theatre, environmental storytelling, breaking games, how to write for experiences where you can't control what the player will do, puzzle design, VR shorthands, and much more!

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Stuff We Talked About

Puzzled Pint

Echo Bazaar Narrative Structures, Part Three by Alexis Kennedy


The Room by Fireproof Games

Bossfight Books' Spleunky by Derek Yu

Sisters by Otherworld

Budget Cuts by Neat Corporation

The Foo Show featuring Will Smith

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