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Dahm was working with an exec team, which was not able to collaborate. Scrum Masters are responsible for collaboration in the teams they work with, and executives are just as much a team as any other team.

Dahm explains how we can help teams learn to collaborate, and create a trustful environment. In this segment, we refer to the book: The 5 Dysfunctions Of A Team by Lencioni.

About Dahm Hongchai

Dahm Hongchai is an Agile coach, a Scrum Master, and a business consultant with 5 years experience in high-tech and Startup industries in Silicon Valley, Thailand, and Australia. He was the first Thai to become a Scrum Trainer (ST) with Scrum Inc. Dahm also has 10+ years of experience with other approaches such as Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. And he is an Agile trainer and helps people to understand Agile via, for example Agile Cooking.

You can link with Dahm Hongchai on LinkedIn and connect with Dahm Hongchai on Twitter.

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