Collaboration as a way of being


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We are now less than ten years away from 2030, that’s the year we are meant to have achieved the Sustainable Development Goals. How close are we to achieving these goals ? The crises we face today in the world do not change the problems we’ve committed to solving like ending poverty and eradicating hunger, ensuring access to clean water and ensuring the good health and wellbeing of all the people on this planet. And we have to wonder, do we have the right systems and structures to harness on the power of our collective ingenuity, and do it in a way that reflects the diversity of the world we live in? In this episode we look at social purpose organizations that are experimenting or transitioning to new ways of working, and we find out what their journeys have taught them about sustainable inclusive systems. And in the cases you will hear, we will find out how crucial networks can be; how simple solutions can build empathy, and how much of an impact it can have on users, when organisations constantly course-correct to put their stakeholders at the centre. For more information, go to

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