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In this episode we sit down and have a great conversation with local legend and world renowned captain and angler, Capt. Damon Sacco. You do not want to miss this!
Damon is an avid offshore fisherman and is the founder of Castafari Incorporated. He has over 300 trips logged to the Northeast Canyons and is seasoned with decades of experience fishing in the waters of New England. Damon started his offshore charter business back in 1998, focusing primarily on providing clients with incredible bluewater fishing trips. Castafari has evolved into much more than that now. Damon runs 3 big game fishing tournaments based out of the Northeast and also conducts an annual off-season big game fishing seminar that sees over 400 people in attendance each year.
Damon and the Castafari Crew have made a name for themselves in the Northeast big game tournament circuit, any have many top place finishes, and state records to prove it.
This podcast and conversation with Damon was a blast! He gets into detail about an upcoming long-range trip that he has planned offshore of Mexico chasing monster yellowfin tuna. We then progress into recent experiences in the Northeast offshore fishery, including Spring time canyon trips, instinctual memory of our local tuna species/populations, and trends that we have seen over the past 10 years.
We move on in the conversation by asking Damon, "If he could only spend $100 on a 5 rod offshore trolling spread, what would he create?" The answer may surprise you!
Damon finishes things off with an epic Fish Story involving a 500lb bluefin, line wrapped in the prop, and he and his crew making a few "Hail Mary" moves to put the fish in the boat!
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