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In this episode Bryan (@mbgbryan) and Dave (@bigtunaslut) host the podcast and have a great conversation with their good friend and experienced captain, Frank Pitten.
Frank is a local sportfish captain that, like us, fishes primarily in the offshore and inshore waters of the New England. He has over 40 years of experience on the water and has logged over 100 trips offshore to the Northeast Canyons. Frank shares an extreme passion for experiencing fisheries around the world as well. He has fished in locations such as Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cabo San Lucas, Hawaii, P.E.I Canada, and areas throughout Florida.
Frank has written many articles for well known sportfishing publications including On the Water Magazine as well as The Big Game Journal.
One of his areas of expertise is sharing his passion for fishing with his kids and anyone that may be brand new to the fishing world. In this episode Frank shares some awesome tips for getting kids into fishing. Another great quality that Frank has is his ability to tell very detailed fish stories!
If you are a parent that is in process of getting your kids into fishing, you do not want to miss this episode!
- Stay Tight
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