014: Capt. Joe Byrum - BIG Marlin, Lure Fishing, & Capturing the Moment


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On this episode of the podcast, Bryan (@mbgbryan) & Taylor (@mbgtaylor) sit down virtually with Capt. Joe Byrum of Jaybles Photography (@jayblesphoto) and Grander Marlin Sportfishing (@grandermarlin).
Joe is a great dude. Salt of the earth, great sense of humor, and a savage behind the lens...and on the wire.
Joe was born and raised in North Carolina, and began his fishing career there. Like many of us, his passion for big game and offshore fishing grew exponentially, leading him to opportunities fishing all over the globe. He is currently the mate aboard the "BenchMark", a 37' Merritt targeting BIG Blue Marlin out of Kona, Hawaii (which is where we met Joe). Joe also commissions his photos to publications such as, Marlin Magazine, Bluewater Magazine, and In The Bite.
This conversation with Byrum was a blast. He discusses how his skills in photography and videography have opened up many once in a lifetime fishing opportunities for him. They have taken him to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia chasing black marlin...Down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for multiple Bisbees Tournaments, and even to P.E.I, Canada fishing with us and the Bruce Brothers.
We cover a lot of topics in this episode. Joe discusses what the fishery is like in Kona. He gives some AWESOME TIPS on how to pull lures properly for blue marlin, and he also discusses some things you can do to up your fishing photography game.
You don't want to miss this one! Lots to learn. Lots of Laughs.
Stay Tight,
-The Sears Brothers
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