019: Capts. Bryan and Taylor Sears - "We're Back."


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"We're Back." As Captain Jason Stock would say.
On this episode of the SeaBros Fishing Podcast, Bryan and Taylor sit down for a casual conversation about how the season has been for the Mass Bay Guides fleet so far. They talk through some species specific reports and tell some recent stories from charters this year. There are a few hilarious OG stories thrown in the mix that you don't want to miss...
The boys also discuss how COVID has impacted the 2020 bluefin tuna season, focusing specifically on the catch and release aspect of the fishery. They have witnessed a lot of controversial things on the water in regards to how people are caring for fish, and they share the best practices that they use for PROPERLY reviving and releasing bluefin tuna.
Bryan also just recently fished the Oaks Bluff Bluewater Classic aboard a new 42' Freeman powered by quad 400hp mercury outboards. An absolute rocket ship and fishing machine. He talks about how much the boat impressed him and about the Northeast Tuna Slam they were able to accomplish on their trip.
Apologies for the lack of content over the past month! We have been very busy on the water with clients. There are some great new episodes T'd up that we will be releasing on a more frequent basis
Stay Tuned and Stay Tight,
-Bryan & Taylor
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