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Our guest on this is episode is Captain Deane Lambros of Canyon Runner Sportfishing, based out of Pt. Pleasant, New Jersey.
Like many fishermen, Deane's passion for fishing began at a very young age, as did his exposure and dedication to offshore fishing specifically. Deane joined the Canyon Runner Team in the winter of 2009 as a mate, earned his captain's license in 2010, and worked his way up to being captain of their 48' Viking by 2013 at age 24.
Deane stays busy charter fishing the New Jersey canyons and offshore fishing grounds all summer long. He travels to Cape Cod, MA in the fall months to commercial bluefin tuna fish, as he does in the winter down in North Carolina.
Deane is a passionate, hardworking, and skilled captain who sets an excellent example of what a good charter captain should be.
In this conversation, we cover a lot of great topics. We discuss the Canyon Runner Sportfishing program and how their fisheries change throughout the season. Deane takes us through the typical tournament schedule for the Canyon Runner fleet. We all share our perspective on how COVID impacted charter fishing up in the Northeast during the 2020 season. Deane even shares details on how to be faster and more efficient in the cockpit and also shares what he would run for an offshore trolling spread with only $100 in his pocket...
We really enjoyed talking with Deane. He's a very experienced fisherman and always provides great knowledge when we catch up... Lot's of laughs and good information shared in this episode.
Stay Tight!
Bryan & Taylor
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