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Our guest on this episode of the show is Captain Kenton Geer. Kenton originally hails from New Hampshire, but has made the world of offshore fishing his home for the past 25+ years. For the last decade Kenton has been a resident of Hawaii and he currently runs his own commercial fishing operation based out of the big island, Vicious Cycle Fishing. Kenton and his crew aboard the Vicious Cycle primarily target, harvest, and commercially sell big eye tuna, yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo, and marlin. They spend the majority of their time off the grid; 100+ miles off the coast of Hawaii at the islands' offshore seamounts.
Prior to establishing himself in Hawaii, Kenton traveled and fished all over the globe from Jeffreys Ledge in the Gulf of Maine, to Costa Rica, Panama, and even all the way to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia working on game boats.
We had an absolute blast during this conversation with Kenton! He is a true savage on the ocean in the best of ways. Kenton has unparalleled experience on the water/ offshore, with several back to back seasons with 300+ days fished...His fish stories and adventures are endless, unfiltered, honest, and bad ass. It was truly a pleasure to meet him and have him on the podcast. We are looking forward to collaborating again in the future, including on his own podcast: Vicious Cycle - Whiskey, Women, and Water.
We hope you enjoy this discussion as much as we did. Make sure you listen and subscribe to Kenton's podcast as well!
Stay Tight,
The Sears Brothers
Topics & Stories:
- Traveling the world on game boats
- Fishing the seamounts off of Hawaii
- Huge marlin encounters while tuna fishing
- Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef
- Grander marlin stories
- Handlining giant bluefin in the Gulf of Maine
- Big eye tuna vs. Yellowfin Tuna
- Dangle fishing for tuna
- Handline jig fishing for tuna
- Approaching schools of tuna while trolling
- Commercial fishing and selling fish in Hawaii
- Honest tuna prices
- Superstitions and getting out of ruts
- Inspiration for starting a podcast
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