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Our guest on this episode of the podcast is Captain Mike Zajac from Canyon Runner Sportfishing. Mike began his offshore career on the Canyon Runner back in 1997... 25 years later his passion for offshore fishing has only grown stronger. He has been a member of various tournament winning teams in addition to catching thousands of tuna over his tenure with the Canyon Runner.
Capt. Mike has worked with each of the Captains who have fished with the Canyon Runner Fleet over the years and has taken something from each of them and continues to learn every time he heads offshore. “What people need to realize is the Captains and mates on these boats want to catch fish more than anyone else. While we understand fishing, it is our desire that separates us from the others.” Captain Mike also prides himself on making sure the charters come away with a positive experience. “Our number one goal is to provide an everlasting experience for our customers. For some it may be catching a trophy bigeye tuna, for others it may be hooking into blue marlin. Either way, we want our customers to walk away remembering their experience. Customer satisfaction is paramount to our success.” Captain Mike is one of the mainstays of the Canyon Runner Team. He brings the sense of camaraderie to the team and a sense of humor to keep everyone relaxed.
​When Captain Mike is not pursuing pelagics throughout the summer months, he is teaching English at Asbury Park High School. This gives him an advantage when speaking at the Canyon Runner seminars and events. His natural comfort speaking to people has allowed him to share his knowledge and translate it in terms so fishermen of all skill levels can learn from him. He has been a perennial Canyon Runner speaker covering a variety of topics about pursuing tuna from trolling to chunking to rigging baits. Captain Mike loves to share what he has learned and enjoys seeing others use the techniques he has taught them.
We had a great time during this conversation with Mike. Lots of laughs, great stories, and a ton of expert knowledge shared by one of the best captains/mates in the charter fishing game.
If you wanted more insight on what it's like to be a full-time offshore fishing charter mate, this is a great episode to listen to!
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