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Our guest on this episode of the podcast is our good friend and fellow charter boat captain Capt. Jason Stock (@captain_Jason_stock).
Jason is an absolute gem. He grew up in St. Petersburg Florida, has been fishing his entire life, and has over 15 years of full time charter fishing experience. Jason is an accomplished tournament fisherman as well and has podium finishes in the FLW Red Fish Series and various other inshore and offshore tournaments across the state of Florida. He has been featured in publications such as Florida Sportsman, Saltwater Sportsman, Kayak Angler, Saltwater Angler, Louisiana Sportsman and Waterline Magazine.
Jason also has a ton of fishing experience beyond his normal territory in the Gulf of Mexico. Over the past decade, Jason has fished from PEI Canada to Key West, across the Gulf in Louisiana, and in Panama.
We have known Jason since 2015 where we met in Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada. We were fishing with the Bruce Brothers during the fall giant bluefin tuna season in PEI and Jason and his wife Heather were charter clients one day. The day was epic. Hand feeds, kite bites and rough seas. Jason caught and released a 1000+ lber and a 700lber out of the chair. Throughout the day, he mentioned that he was/is a charter captain out of Anna Maria Island, FL...and that is where our grandparents lived for over 30 years. Very small world. Since then, we have been close friends, our families hang out together, and we fish a lot together.
Jason is a true salt of the earth and one of the funniest humans on the planet. He has his own vocabulary, and is never short of hysterical phrases. He is also a fishy dude. Jason is always dialed in and super passionate about what he does. There is no wonder why he fishes 200+ days a year and has a charter boat called "The Full Send."
We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did. Lots of laughs and some AWESOME ADVICE from a top notch charter captain.
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Stay Tight,
The Sears Brothers
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