Sunday Service Podcast September 26th – Michael Bogar


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"Alchemy means 'the pouring' so the idea is pouring things together and mixing them up so that you have something entirely different after it's all stirred. So the Alchemy of Relationship has behind it the notion... that this cosmos is the mixing bowl." Guest speaker Michael Bogar returns to kick off our series on The Alchemy of Relationships. Michael uses the story of Eros and Psyche to illustrate the transformative power of relationship. Along the way in his re-telling, he dips into concepts of Soul-making, Neo-Platonic wisdom, and 4 types of Soul Mate, all necessary for the full cultivation of the Soul. The talk begins at 17:34 in this podcast. Our Worship Arts team this time features congregants Jennifer Bolles, Chris Sullivan, Andrea Carino and Rose Ramm. Full service video is here. Please join us in person next Sunday, at 10 a.m. at our Sodo venue, Metropolist. And take advantage of all the ways we can stay connected, including after-service fellowship, Daily Prayer Boosts, and Wednesday evening prayer services. And as always, see our Facebook page or our Instagram, for shareable quotes from our lesson notes, readings, and more. Want to get regular updates? Stay updated with our most recent newsletter here.

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