152. Business Leader Tara McMullin on The Person She Became Through Her Fitness Habit


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Highlights of Episode 152
  • The real reason behind Tara McMullin’s decision to start a new fitness habit
  • How Tara was able to maintain her motivation and stick to her fitness habits
  • What Tara was tracking at the beginning of her journey to track her progress
  • How and when she realized she had become a different person
  • Tara’s fitness routine now

Tara McMullin is a business leader. She is the founder of the What Works community and the host of the What Works podcast. About four years ago, she decided to adopt a new set of fitness habits that have resulted in a remarkable and visible physical transformation.
She is today a different person than the one I first met in 2015. I’m not just talking about her physical appearance. Something about her and the way that she shows up has changed. And I wanted to get to the bottom of it and understand it all.
It was as if the physical changes brought about other changes as well. Or was it the other way around? And as it turned out, it was both-and.
Tara’s reimagining of herself was beyond her physical fitness. In fact, it was never the main driver.
In this episode, we talked about the genesis of her fitness habit and physical transformation, how she maintained motivation and stick to her new habits, and when she figured out she had become a different person. We also talked about what her fitness routine looks like now in the time of the pandemic and social distancing.
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