Ep. 131 – Fractional COO, Beejel Parmar


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Our guest today is Fractional COO, Beejel Parmar.

Beejel Parmar is a sought after keynote speaker, trainer, mastermind facilitator, business coach and consultant. Since 2011, he has traveled the world sharing his inspiring story.

A few years ago, Beejal was desperate to find answers to life’s toughest questions while enduring a period of personal hardship that seemed to have no end. Despite the setbacks, he remained a dedicated husband and father, and continued to follow his path through his life adventure.

Beejel’s role as Technology Marketing Manager in 123Employee, he works with existing clients and cultivates new clients to help them develop new commercially viable software, working with software and marketing teams to oversee development and market the software as per clients needs.

While traveling the world he helped build several businesses, inspired thousands all over the world, all while homeschooling his two daughters. Together with his wife, Yogi, and two daughters they facilitate a life transforming tour/retreat to India, retracing their first two weeks in India when they commenced their 5 year adventure to share just some of the life lessons they learned about cultivating resilience, overcoming obstacles and learning how to live in the flow of life.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How Beejel got through one of the hardest times of his life with his family and how traveling played a role in his self discovery
  • Beejel’s role and responsibilities as a Fractional COO
  • How Beejel’s role as a Fractional COO differ between multiple clients
  • How Beejel prioritizes the different opportunities between the many hats he wears
  • How to say “no” or “not now” to other opportunities
  • Operating trends that Beejel have identified with the entrepreneurs he’s worked with


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Beejel Parmar – https://beejelparmar.com

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