David Neiwert, New Zealand Attacks, Rise Of Far Right


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On this Need to Know special we are joined by Author and Journalist David Neiwert.
David is the author of a fantastic book called "Alt America: The Rise of the Alt-Right in the Age of Trump". You can get a copy here: amzn.to/2PKvY5p and you can listen to our earlier interview with David about his book here: www.drycleanercast.co.uk/podcast/#/ep…ge-of-trump/
Chris & David take a look at the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand. The attack killed 50 people and injured another 50.
We look at the killers far-right links and we also discuss the role of social media in sharing far-right ideology. We also discuss the rise of the Far-Right in the age of Trump.
And we also ask what is Steve Bannon up to in Italy?
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