Happy Holidays From The Dry CleanerCast


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Happy Holidays!!
I am so sorry there will not be a December episode of the podcast. I have failed. Christmas has got the better of me. So sorry!
Fear not we have four amazing episodes to kick off the New Year.
In Jan we will be joined by Tim Tate to discuss Nazi Spy rings during WW2. We will also be joined by Dave Rich from the CST to discuss the rise of Anti-semitism on the British Left
In February we will be joined by Fred Burton to discuss his fantastic book "Beruit Rules".
In March we will be joined by Professor John Calvert to discuss the "Godfather of Jihadism" Sayyid Qutb.
And there will be more "Need to Knows"
So please stay tuned!!
Have a great Christmas break and a wonderful New Year

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