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NEED TO KNOW: Russian Bounties with Frank Snepp
A few weeks ago, a story broke in the New York Times, claiming it had been discovered that the Russian government had been paying bounties to the Taliban to target and kill US and Allied forces in Afghanistan.
There has been an understandable shock and condemnation in the US and in the UK when the story first broke.
President Trump’s reaction to the story has been to claim ignorance to the whole thing and claim that he was never briefed by US intelligence officials about any of this.
On today’s “Need to Know” podcast we are joined by former CIA officer and Peabody Award-winning investigative journalist Frank Snepp and we discuss the Russian bounties story.
You can find out more about Frank and his books “Decent Interval” and “Irreparable Harm” on Frank’s website:
Frank’s journalism and other writings can be viewed on his blog:
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