25. Julia Shiplett


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We are absolutely in love with this week’s Secure The Gag guest, Julia Shiplett (Comedy Central, TBS, High Maintenance, Love Life, Crashing)!!!!

Nathan and Julia discuss Brenda Song’s new baby, being half-asian cultural influencers, and how to turn the arrest of problematic individuals that look you into viral comedy. They also chat about Julia’s standup, humorous online videos, and her pilot “Salem.” Julia also gives us the scoop about working in the writers’ room on Doing The Most with Phoebe Robinson. Bling Empire is discussed too, okay!?!

Julia’s Work That’s Discussed

Miya Ponsetto Did Not Have A Good Weekend

Comedy Central Stand Up Set

Every White Woman At A Bar

Friend Who Hates Being Home

Secure The Gag is a queer comedy podcast hosted by comedian and writer, Nathan Pearson. Tune in every Monday as Nathan interviews funny queers about their infamous online videos, bits, and success.

Nathan is a queer comedian and writer from Atlanta who now lives in Brooklyn. He’s known for his gay infused characters online and amassed followers from his viral “Guy Fucks His Bully’s Dad” piece as a part of UCB’s Characters Welcome. As someone who went off online with very specific gay humor, Nathan wants to sit down with other queers to discuss their funny moments that took off.

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