Cross-site Scripting, DevOps, OAuth 2.0, GitLab Packages, and more


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1. Cross-site scripting (XSS) cheat sheet​
Learn XSS at a depth that you can explain it to anyone, and understand the diversity of attack that exists across the set of XSS vectors.​
2. Why DevOps Will Cease to Exist
Just like DevOps is integrated into every developer’s job, so is security.​
3. OAuth 2.0 Threat Model Pentesting Checklist

OAuth 2.0 is used everywhere, and many developers and security people aren’t aware of the depth of threat that exists.
4. A deep dive into how we investigate and secure GitLab packages
Solving the software supply chain security issues requires a coordinated and organizationally wide approach.
5. Modern Static Analysis: how the best tools empower creativity
If you haven’t evaluated semgrep as a tool for inclusion in your application security program, it’s time.

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