DevSecOps Metrics, JavaScript and Node.js, Top 25 pros, and more


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1. The Current State of DevSecOps Metrics

Measure what matters, and what gets measured gets attention. Apply this guidance to your DevOps program to measure the value of security.
2. 5 ways to prevent code injection in JavaScript and Node.js

JavaScript is susceptible to code injection via several different code constructs. Stop using these, please. Code securely!​
3. Do app sec like a boss: The top 25 pros to follow

Twitter is where security congregates to argue and share. Join the discussion.​
4. Why Vulnerability List Methodologies Matter (And why we trust CWE & OWASP)

Use all applicable lists as a guide but base your priority on your vulnerability and threat data.​
5. Securing Your PostgreSQL Database​
Secure those databases as a proactive defense in depth measure. Attackers enjoy the weakest link.​

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