SN 822: Extrinsic Password Managers - Great CyberSecurity Awakening of 2021, NAT vs IPv6, Tavis Ormandy


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  • Picture of the week.
  • The Great CyberSecurity Awakening of 2021.
  • Firefox will soon auto-update on Windows even when it's not running.
  • Edge takes its own approach to HTTPS switching.
  • Three new ransomware victims.
  • We believe we know how Colonial Pipeline was breached.
  • The FBI strikes back... but how, exactly?
  • WordPress force installs Jetpack security update on 5 million sites.
  • WordPress Fancy Product Designer.
  • GitHub Updates its formal posting policy.
  • NAT vs IPv6.
  • Project Hail Mary update.
  • Extrinsic Password Managers.

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