SN 805: SCADA Scandal - Defender Thinks Chrome is Malware, Plex Media Servers in DDoS Attacks


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Defender thinks Chrome is malware, Plex Media Servers in DDoS attacks.

  • Picture of the Week.
  • Google has been busy with Chrome.
  • Google Chrome Heap Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Exploited.
  • A unique use of Chrome's "sync" feature for command & control and data exfiltration.
  • Defender thinks Chrome is Malware.
  • More Critical WordPress Plug-in Problems.
  • Plex Media servers SSDP protocol being used in DDoS attacks.
  • Three more NEW vulnerabilities discovered in SolarWinds' software.
  • Closing the Loop.
  • SpinRite: "Discovering System's Mass Storage Devices..."
  • SCADA Scandal: Hacker's attempts to adjust chemicals in Oldsmar water supply.

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