KONVOI Helps with AI and Sensors to Prevent the Theft of Truck Cargo


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KONVOI Helps with AI and Sensors to Prevent the Theft of Truck CargoEach year cargo is stolen from at least 26.000 trucks each year in Germany, worth 2.2 bn Euros. Heinz Luckardt, Co-Founder KONVOI Don’t Miss Any Blog Post, Video, or Audio PodcastSubscribe to our newsletter on Substack here: https://startupradio.substack.com/subscribe … there is organized crime stealing from parked trucks. … We want to be preventive, before the theft happens. Heinz Luckardt, Co-Founder KONVOI Media PartnershipThis podcast is in media partnership with the Hamburg-based startup blog Hamburg Startups (https://www.hamburg-startups.net/). They keep you up to date on the local startup scene in Hamburg, they organize regular events (in normal non corona times) AND they do have a special section on food startups as well. Even if you are not able to speak German, a visit with an auto translate is worth it, since they also have an extensive directory of local startups on their website. Our solution will be a combination of hardware and software. Heinz Luckardt, Co-Founder KONVOI The FounderIn this interview, we talk to Heinz Luckardt (https://www.linkedin.com/in/heinz-luckhardt-a77a351a0/), Co-Founder of Hamburg-based startup KONVOI. He is originally from Frankfurt, but his studies took him to Hamburg University, where he met his co-founder. But Heinz has already traveled the world, he studied in Milano (Italy), he has been a sales intern in India, as well as working with Fraunhofer Institute. At Fraunhofer, he was working on salt-based 3d printing. The vision is later to go deep into predictive analytics, like generating heatmaps for truck thefts. Heinz Luckardt, Co-Founder KONVOI Affiliate LinksIs your startup in need of a bank account in Germany? Try our partner affiliate Penta http://bit.ly/3bdHX3dLooking to open a bank account to shift between crypto and fiat? Try our partner Bitwala with this affiliate link here http://bit.ly/2w01Zye The StartupThe startup was set up already in times of corona, in October 2020. Theft of truck cargo, literally from the back of a truck, is a big problem for the trucking companies, as well as all companies using this mean of transport. So KONVOI (https://www.konvoi.eu/) provides a combination of hardware and software to prevent these thefts. Right now, they are working on the first step of the solution, but the vision is to go deep in predictive analytics. We are looking for innovative trucking companies in Germany, to give us feedback. Heinz Luckardt, Co-Founder KONVOI Venture Capital FundingKONVOI is currently not actively looking for external investors. They are currently on a government grant, funding the company at least until end of 2021. We are not focusing on one technology. We are working with radar, as well as ultra-sonic sound at the moment. Heinz Luckardt, Co-Founder KONVOI The Audio InterviewYou can subscribe to our podcasts here Further Readings / Additional ResourcesMilan, Italy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milan Frauenhofer Institutes are organized in the Fraunhofer Society: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fraunhofer_Society FeedbackReach out to us, here is our audience survey, to give us feedback, suggest topics, interview partners or just to say “Hallo!” https://forms.gle/mLV6mVKwGwKuut8BA The InterviewerThis interview was conducted by Jörn “Joe” Menninger, startup scout, founder, and host of Startuprad.io. Reach out to him: LinkedIn Twitter Email Follow usInstagram https://www.instagram.com/startuprad.io/ LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/4837115/ Twitter https://twitter.com/startuprad_io Newsletter: https://startupradio.substack.com/subscribe Keep Up to DateHere is our publication calendar: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0?cid=MDEyaTI3YWs1MjVxaTNzbWdqbDh2OXRiaW9AZ3JvdXAuY2FsZW5kYXIuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbQ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/securitysutra/message

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