Madam Nselaa Ward, J.D.


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As a young woman, Ms. Ward always knew she wanted to be an attorney after taking on that role in a play as a young child. Coming from a community that lacked legal resources and frequently experienced police brutality, she knew she wanted to provide that resource to her community.

She began her journey believing that her dream of being an attorney wasn’t feasible due to her lifestyle at the time. She feared that what she looked like on paper would prevent her from fulfilling her dreams.

Madam Ward states that she was an activist before she became an attorney, this was inspired by the community she grew up in and was in turn, influenced by. She found that reproductive justice deeply resonated with her due to her own experiences in it. This led to her being recruited to organize the March for Women’s Lives in 2004 which ended up being the largest march on Washington in United States history.

Ms. Ward moves to the topic of struggles that came along with being a woman of color obtaining a law degree. She was forced to face her past and prove herself once again during her process of being accepted to law school.

Ms. Ward speaks on her business architecture venture and how they build infrastructures from the ground up. She touches on how Covid-19 has affected them, having to readjust to a completely new way of life that has changed every aspect of business and has forced her company to dive into new approaches.

Ms. Ward is very optimistic towards life moving forward, she states that everything is happening “for us and not to us”, everything the past year that we’ve faced is for us and only leading us to a better future.

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Madam Ward on achieving your goals in life:

“if you have a goal, you can’t be hung up over the hiccups that come along the way”

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Special Guest: Madam Nselaa Ward, J.D..

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